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Do I need a license?

Yes. To use a track from the library for your project you must obtain a license.

Do I need a license just to download?

No. Feel free to download the track you are interested in and try it with your project.

What does a Licensing Fee cost?

This fee varies based upon the size and scope of your project. I keep my rates competitive with other music libraries but am always willing to work with the price for smaller-budgeted projects.

What does the License grant me?

A license grants you use of a Little Gettysburg Music track for all media, in perpetuity for your project only (not other subsequent or related projects)

Can I buy the rights to the music?

The standard license is for non-exclusive rights. Meaning I can license the same track to someone else. In the event you want exclusive rights, I am always willing to discuss the option.

Can I request a change to a track?

I am willing to make simple changes (trim timing, rearrange sections, etc.) free of charge.  More detailed changes may require an additional fee.